Waters I Fish

Fly fishing opportunities are available year-round, and on a variety of rivers.  From small spring creeks to large tail waters, look to experience something new with every trip!


Au Sable River

The “Holy Waters” of the Au Sable is considered one of the finest stretches of trout water anywhere in the world.  While the Holy Waters features 8 miles of prime trout water, the Au Sable has over 130 miles of fishable water!  From wading the upper reaches, to drift boat adventures in the “big water”, you can fish it all.

Manistee River

The Manistee is the considered by many as the “sister river” of the Au Sable, but it plays second fiddle to no one!  Typically colder and sandier than the Au Sable, the Manistee features over 190 miles of fishable water from its small headwaters on out to Lake Michigan. Most guide trips are run anywhere from Deward to the 131 Bridge. The very upper reaches boast a prolific hex hatch and holds some of the largest fish found in the Manistee.

Boardman River

The Boardman River is a high gradient blue ribbon trout stream just miles from Traverse City, MI. The Boardman has a high population of wild Brook and Brown trout. Summer terrestrial and streamer fishing can be a blast. Due to the size of the Boardman River, trips are for single anglers only.


White River

White River is the trophy brown trout destination of North America. Every year brown trout over 20 or even 30 pounds are caught. The White River is a tailwater fishery with consistent water temps that allow brown trout to live long lives and reach giant sizes. Bull Shoals Dam, which controls the flows on White River, is a hydroelectric dam in which water volume (river flow) varies greatly based on power demand. White River receives roughly 1.2 million stocked rainbows per year which help create the trophy fishery as well as plenty of action on a normal day.

Norfork River

The Norfork is the section of the North Fork of the White River which is below Norfork Dam. Norfork River is roughly 3.5 mi of glorious trout stream. It was once considered the crown jewel of the south and is an incredible fishery. Large brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout make their home in Norfork. The most effective technique changes day to day based on dam flows.